Monday, August 4, 2008

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Boom box can accept iPod output

Bring an iPod stereo cable and connect your iPod to our Sony boombox (plug into the "line in" port, and press the "line" button).

Interior shots of unit 214

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Maui offers some great hikes, and now you don't have to drive an hour to get to them. The Kapalua Resort has made some great hiking trails:
- Honolua Ridge trail
- old golf course trails
- nifty easy coastal trail
They are available to the public for free; they even offer a shuttle service to take you to a trailhead high up Honolua Ridge. You can then take a 7+ mile hike down the ridge through beautiful shady forests back to your car (less demanding options are available). There are also convenient, shorter (but strenuous!) hikes around an abandoned golf course, available without the need of catching a shuttle; and an nice coastal trail. You do need to sign a waiver and get an ID card before your first hike.

If you are willing to drive, there are many other great trails on Haleakala and above Wailuku.


Windsurfing off Hale Kai is not for novices. The wind is often easterly (blowing you away from shore), and very light within 100 yards of the shore, making it difficult to get out, and even harder to get back. And water starts are basically impossible in those light winds. But if the trades are blowing 20 knots or better, I can consistently get out on my larger standup board, inch out past 100 yards, then have the whole Pailolo Channel to myself with fresh wind (but take care not to make turtle soup). In 20 years I've seen lots of porpoises, but only one innocuous reef shark.

Cell phones don't work well when wet, so I stay within eyesight of shore.

Body surfing

The best body surfing is certainly Little Beach; but this beach is clothing-optional by local custom, and a lot of folk exercise the option.

With a north or west swell, Mokuleia beach can be very good, except when the surf is too big (even then, you can often wait for the small waves; but you better be a good swimmer). Mokuleia is also very good for snorkeling. Another body surfing option is D.T. Flemming Beach Park; it has showers and restrooms, but the surf tends to crash on the beach, or have a lot of backwash/sidewash.

With a good west swell, Napili Cove has a fun monster beach wave that is more of a surge than a break. It's not really body surfing, but you can have fun timing the surge and filling your suit with sand. Or try the running dive from the top of the beach over the top of the surge (don't miss low!).

Best restaurants made affordable

We like Mala and the Pineapple Grill. These can be pricey, but reasonable if you use a little restraint. The ceviche goes a long way at Mala's; you can order a half-plate at the Pineapple Grill (also, ask for the cafe menu as well as the full fare menu). The Pineapple Grill has 50% off pupus from 8 PM to 10 PM Friday and Saturday.

New entrant: Star Noodle (nice interiors, high class noodles). We had a great time with an extended family of 20 (and again with 15) sharing the long family table.

Another good deal is the Hula Grill on Saturday evenings from 7 to 9 (call to verify the ukelele group is playing). Actually, you want to be seated in the Barefoot Bar to get the cafe menu. The ceviche with tortilla chips and guacamole is great. You generally have to wait a 30-60 minutes, but there is fun entertainment available while you wait (hula dancers, tyco drumming, etc); the restaurant will give you a pager to let you know when a table is ready.

More affordable but still good: Saigon Seafood, Penne Pasta, Java Jazz (walking distance), and the Taco Truck (pulls into a local parking area in the evenings).

How to use the DVD player

As of November, 2009, unit 214 at Hale Kai is equipped with a Vizio 26" LCD TV and an LG BD370 Blu-Ray/DVD/Netflix player. The TV service is provided by Oceanic Time Warner cable. The BD370 player supports Blu-ray and standard DVDs; it also provides instant viewing of NetFlix movies. For the time being, we control the choices on the instant queue;
email me with recommended additions to the instant queue.

Use the "input" button on the side of the Vizio TV to switch between viewing TV or the DVD player. Basically you need to tell the Vizio which input source to display on the screen. There are 7 choices, but only two are useful: TV or "HDMI 1". Choose "HDMI 1" to view DVDs. When done, switch back to TV.

You can also use buttons on the remote controls (Vizio TV is black, lighter unit controls the DVD player). The Vizio remote has little buttons labelled "TV" and "HDMI". Select one or the other.

The BD370 remote has the standard power, eject, stop, play, etc buttons.

You can get TV listings from

My contact # is 8 0 5 --6 9 9 -- 5 3 6 4 if you need to ask me questions.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Preferred snorkeling sites

Our preferred snorkeling sites ...

1. Right off the beach at Hale Kai; a sunny morning around 9AM is best. Either follow the reef up the coast, or find the trench and go 200 yards out to locate the turtle hangout
2. Mokuleia: good visibility, lots of fish, deep if you like that!
3. Airport Beach (Kahekili Beach); easy parking, showers, easy access from sandy beach